FS Agri-Finance

We know Farming. As your crop input supplier, New Century FS provides you with agronomically, environmentally, and economically sound crop recommendations on a site-specific basis. We're dedicated to helping you get the best return on each crop investment you make.

We know Financing. Our FS Agri-Finance program is designed to help you reduce risks and increase profitability. We take a straight-forward approach to operational financing with these time and money saving benefits:    

* No hidden financing fees or charges

* No penalties for early repayment

* Take advantage of cash discounts and eliminate late charges on your open account

​* Take advantage of input price contract opportunities​

We know You. Credit limits, loan terms, conditions and repayment plans are matched to your operation's needs. When you finance through New Century FS, you work with leading agricultural professionals that understand the cyclical nature of production agriculture, and who know that each farming operation is different. As a cooperative system, we are dedicated to the profitability of our customers, and welfare of our agriculture community.​

For more info on Agri-Finance, contact our Main Office at:

(641) 236-3117