New Century FS Crop Scouting Program

​The crop scouting program with New Century FS is top notch when it comes to Integrated Pest Management. Overall, the company scouts around 25,000+ acres. This 12 week program allows scouts to investigate fields for problems that can reduce yields. Each scout is assigned acres that they will scout once a week from May until August. Every Monday morning the crop scouts meet in Toledo to be informed of what insects and problems are most likely to be found that week. The program includes weed and insect identification, disease and nutrient deficiency identification, how to take population stand counts, growth stage recognition, root ratings, and overall crop performance. Producers are notified weekly with reports regarding the status of their acres. This program allows students to learn more about what happens in the field and provides them with hands on experiences and knowledge that they can take back to the classroom. This program benefits the customers, the company, and the crop scout. ​