​N-WATCH serves as a management tool for farmers to change from to a Nitrogen Management as a System rather than just an application.  This program helps determine plant-available nitrogen (nitrate and ammonium-N) in the upper two feet of the soil profile over a period of time.  N-WATCH is not used as a recommendation tool, but rather as a management tool to tell the grower the estimated amount of plant-available nitrogen. This program will help growers develop new questions about the 4Rs of nitrogen (Right source, Right rate, Right time and Right place).  N-WATCH will help lead agriculture down the path of Maximizing N utilization by Optimizing harvest yield and Minimizing environmental impact. ​

​The following links will provide more information about the N-WATCH Program and a N-Watch Submittal Form:

N-WATCH Information 

N-WATCH Submittal Form